Stay motivated and start living a healthy lifestyle with Nutrisystem!

Hi, my name is Rob and I am 42 years old. Being a rural letter carrier, my job mostly requires me to drive around mounted routes in a white van and deliver mail. I started worrying about my weight only around last year when it crossed 280 lbs and was suggested by my doctor to live a healthy lifestyle. After telling you about my Nutrisystem journey, I will proceed towards talking about the Nutrisystem promo codes.

To be a mailman, especially an RCA carrier, in today’s world is not that difficult; during work, the only time I have to get out of my van is to deliver group mailboxes or an article to the customer’s doorstep. Plus, there isn’t much to worry about with flexible work hours. Almost every day till last year, I would go out with my lads for some beers. My diet mostly included fast food with no salads, and lots of fizzy drinks.

In my 20s, I was a fit guy who loved sports, but after starting my mailman job, I quit everything and started drinking more. My daughter was worried about how much weight I had put on in the last decade. She insisted on taking me to the hospital for a checkup. The doctor told me my results were fine except for a little high cholesterol and that I weight 282 lbs, but with a lifestyle with zero exercise and lots of alcohol, my future could be terribly unhealthy. I was recommended to work out and stop drinking so much. My daughter was determined to help me lose some weight, but I just couldn’t get up early to work out. After searching through the internet and talking to her friends, she told me about the Nutrisystem program and suggested I should try it. She got me some Nutrisystem coupons, helped me choose a meal plan and my menu, and I was ready to start!

Nutrisystem Transformation

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Trained weight loss counselors for motivation

I was never the kind that spent time preparing meals, so Nutrisystem’s packed foodstuff were helping me a lot. But those weren’t helping me to stop my alcohol and fast food cravings. I still say that the most difficult part for me of sticking to the Nutrisystem program was to quit alcohol and fast food. In just two days after starting the program, I found myself cheating; I was drinking before bed. After a week when there was no improvement despite the “lose 5 lbs + 1 inch offyour waist or money back” guarantee, I confessed to the counselors that I had been drinking. The counselors were very inspiring and helped me through it. They suggested me ways to stay busy, and I even joined an alcoholism support group for motivation.

Every time I phoned my daughter, she encouraged me even more by talking about the Nutrisystem discount codes that she found on the internet. She always sounded extremely excited about how much money I was saving.

I started decreasing my alcohol intake, and in a month, I had complete quit drinking. After this amazing change, losing weight was extremely easy; all I had to do was have my Nutrisystem meals as scheduled.

Budget-friendly tasty meals with Nutrisystem

Cutting down on the alcohol was already saving me a lot of money, but what impressed me most about Nutrisystem is that their meals are actually cheaper than normal fast food meals. Thanks to the Nutrisystem discounts, my meal plan cost me only about $8 to $9 a day for all my meals. Their meals are priced $9 to $12 a day, which isn’t that much already; plus, they offer discount codes that make it all so much cheaper.

Also, the meals didn’t taste like low carb meals; all the meals were extremely tasty. For the first two months, I followed the core meal plan, and then I moved to the “uniquely yours” meal plan. I had the choice to select my own menu; I was eating pizzas and chocolate bars and also losing weight at the same time. The “uniquely yours” meal plan allowed me to choose from 150 different delicious meals and snacks; there was unlimited frozen food and I could have my choice. All the meals, even chocolate muffins and chicken burgers, are high in protein and fiber with zero trans fat, and everything was delivered right at my doorstep!

Based on my experiences, I have arranged a list of three pros and three cons for you all:


  • Motivation from the best trained weight loss counselors
  • Affordable meal plans with discounts
  • Different plans for different bodies


  • No fast-food
  • Lots of patience and determination required
  • Having to microwave almost all food items

After losing 88 lbs in fourteen months, I now weigh 194 lbs. I am almost as fit now as I used to be back when I was in my 20s. I’ve started jogging, and sometimes I play soccer with my old friends. I still work at Rural Carrier Association, and now I perform so much better at my job. After my work hours, instead of heading to the bar, I walk all the way to my ex-wife’s place to visit my daughter. She’s so much happier now that I’m living a healthy lifestyle. If it weren’t for Nutrisystem I’d probably be drunk somewhere diagnosed of diabetes or some heart disease. I got all my motivation from the awesome counselors at Nutrisystem, and the Nutrisystem deals that kept reminding me that this is helping me save a lot of money. Nowadays, I drink occasionally in very small quantities. I have fast food once a week, and three Nutrisystem meals a day. Even when I’m not sticking to their meals, I prefer healthier food like salad, fruits and juice. All this wouldn’t be possible without Nutrisystem… the program actually saved my life!